Why Real Estate Agents Should Partner With Contractors

At first glance, many people have the misconception that real estate agents and contractors don’t have anything in common. They each have their respective area of work, and wouldn’t need to interact with each other. However, this is untrue and can limit the success of each business. There are several reasons why real estate agents should partner with contractors for home repairs. The main reason is that they have the same goal. Specifically, getting clients into their home quickly. 

When working together towards this goal, there are mutual benefits that will help keep both companies running well and bringing in big business! Here’s what your need to know.

Increase Your Revenue

One of the biggest reasons why real estate agents should partner with contractors is to increase their revenue. This partnership is mutually beneficial to both party’s finances. Since agents get a commission from contractors depending on the base contract price of the property, it’s advantageous for them. And that’s on top of the commission they might receive if a land sale is involved in the transaction.

Home contractors may find this partnership financially beneficial due to the increased workload. Real estate agents work to make homes appreciate and get ready to be sold. This means they often have a long list of projects that need to be taken care of before they can be listed on the market. Having a partnership with a real estate agent allows for immediate access to incomplete jobs which offers job security as well as increased revenue.  

Increase Your Number Of Listings

Getting houses ready for the market is hard work, and it can be incredibly time-consuming. However, when real estate agents and contractors partner together, home repairs can be completed much more quickly. 

When you have a strong relationship with a contractor and have worked together on many projects, they are likely to be willing to prioritize certain jobs and go the extra mile for you. If a house has a home repair that needs to be completed quickly, a partnership with a contractor can help speed that process up, allowing you to get more listings on the market while supplying work for their contracting company.

Enjoy Prolonged Benefits

Partnering with a contractor gives a certain level of security, both to you and to them. Partnerships are mutually beneficial, even on a prolonged basis. Knowing that there is a steady influx of home repairs offers peace of mind to contractors, whereas knowing that you have a partner who can help get your homes ready to sell at a quick pace will help ease your stress. 

Explore the mutual benefits of partnering with a contractor by reaching out to a local company and discussing this potential option with their manager. Understanding the mutual benefits to each of your companies is a great way to help both businesses grow beyond what they could on their own.

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