What Does A Home Repair Contractor Do?

Hiring a home repair contractor is a great way to get a home repair job completed quickly and efficiently. Hiring a professional contractor helps to ensure quality work that may not be easily achieved by a DIY build.

That being said, there are many types of contractors you could potentially hire, each with their own specialized area of expertise. Before choosing a home contractor near you, it’s important to understand what type of contractor is best for your job. So, what does a home repair contractor do? Here’s what you need to know. 

What Does A Home Repair Contractor Do?

In general, home repair contractors are able to handle many different areas of home repair. Whether you need something built from scratch, such as a deck, or something renovated like your bathroom, most home contractors have experience in many areas of work.

It’s common for a home repair contractor to have experience in several areas of home repair. However, each contractor tends to have a special field or preferred area of work. Depending on the scope of your home project, consider reaching out to a specialist rather than a contractor.

Areas Of Oversight

While some general contractors have a special area of expertise, they tend to have at least some level of knowledge and skill in multiple fields. Here are a few of the common areas your home repair contractor should be familiar with.


Plumbing issues involve leaks, water flow issues, broken pipes, and other water-related issues in your home. Most general contractors are able to analyze and address common plumbing issues. 


Home repair contractors are also able to work on your roof. Loose shingles, repairing holes, dealing with rust, or replacing the whole roof fall under the scope of work for most contractors.


One aspect of DIY work you may want to avoid is electrical work. The danger involved in electrical work is deadly if you aren’t prepared. General contractors, on the other hand, can deal with your electrical issues without a problem due to their experience and the use of appropriate tools and protection. 


Repairing, replacing, or refinishing floors can be a tedious task. Depending on the flooring you want to install, the scope of work can become too great to handle on your own. Thankfully, professional contractors can install and repair flooring to fit your desired look.

Kitchen And Bathroom

Kitchen remodels and bathroom renovations are among the two most common home repairs. Home repair contractors know this. Therefore, they have made sure that they are skilled and capable of completing these home repair jobs by learning how to properly retile, update appliances, install countertops, and any other related projects. 


While not every contractor is capable of repairing the foundation, almost every qualified contractor can at least determine if there is an issue with your home’s foundation, as well as tell you how you can go about getting it fixed.

While home contractors are not necessarily a “one-stop-shop”, they are extremely helpful in offering insight and guidance about how to go about repairing different issues with your home. That aside, they are capable of doing many of those repairs themselves. 

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