Top Remodels for Entertaining Guests

Do you love entertaining guests but feel like your home isn’t really conducive to it? Maybe you only have one bathroom, or your kitchen is too small for hosting. Buying a whole new home may not be an option, but there are remodels for entertaining guests that can change your whole home.

Knocking down a wall, adding a deck to your backyard, or even repurposing a room can work wonders. Here are some of the top remodels for entertaining guests.

Outdoor Spaces

Your home’s yard is an extension of your house rather than something separate. Changing it up will help create a new space that can be preferable to being inside during those warmer months. Adding things such as a fire pit, decorating it with plants, and building a deck can create a fun environment for socializing.

Home Movie Theater

Watching movies together is a great way to entertain guests with little effort required. With that being said, depending on how big your living room is along with your tv it can sometimes be a hassle for you and your guests. Cramming into a room and forcing yourself to look at a small screen for an extended period of time can get tiresome. Turning a space such as your basement into a home movie theater can remedy this. Your friends will be glad to be provided chairs and a bigger screen and they will be more excited to watch a film.

Beverage Bar

Having a designated place for drinks can liven up any party. Nobody likes going to the fridge and rummaging through it every time they get thirsty. Having a separate place where you can serve and drink liquids can create a fun place for anyone coming over. This also pairs well with a home movie theater if both are in the basement. Having a beverage bar keeps people from going upstairs and missing what’s on-screen.

Open Floor Plan

If you feel like your house is too cramped to have a lot of people over then consider changing the floor plan. Having too many walls or doors in your household will create a feeling of isolation. You should consider taking these out so you can achieve an open floor plan. This will leave everyone feeling like they are all in the same space having the same experiences. 

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