Remodeling Vs Renovating: What’s The Difference?

Remodeling and renovating are great ways to improve the value of your home and improve its aesthetic.  However, they mean two different things. While they may share similarities, it is important to understand their differences and how they could impact your home repairs. What’s the difference between remodeling vs renovating? Let’s take a look. 

The Definitions

While these two words are similar, their definitions carry a key difference that is important to remember when undergoing a home repair.


Webster defines renovate as “to restore to a former better state” or to “revive”. Renovate essentially means to restore something.

Regarding home repairs, renovation could refer to anything from repainting or refacing old cabinets to installing brand new lights and adding other finishing touches. The important point to remember is that no matter what project is being done, renovation means that the original design is never dramatically altered. Instead, it’s updated or enhanced to meet a higher standard.


The definition of remodeling is “to alter the structure of”, or to make something new. Remodel essential means to remake something. 

Remodeling happens whenever your home repair completely alters or transforms the layout, structure, or style of the area you are remodeling. In other words, you’re changing the actual look or layout of a space, and not just updating or adding to it. Additionally, if you are doing something like restructuring a household floor plan, that would also be considered remodeling!

Restoring and remaking something are very different tasks, and it’s important to keep this distinction in mind when planning out your home repairs.

Is Remodeling More Expensive Than Renovating?

Both remodeling and renovating are beneficial, but is one more expensive than the other?

The answer is yes. Remodeling will almost always cost more than renovation. However, remodeling almost always includes more complicated designs and a more extensive workload, including plumbing and electrical expenses.

Remodeling and renovating are both affordable options depending on what you want to get done. One of the best ways to tackle any home repair project, whether it’s remodeling vs renovating, is to consider hiring a contractor

Should I Hire A Contractor?

Home repair and construction contractors are experts at both remodeling and renovation. Regardless of your needs, a home repair contractor will be able to walk you through the process, the materials needed, and an estimated time of completion. This limits the amount of stress you have to deal with personally as you can rest assured that the hard part of your project is being taken care of by a qualified expert.

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