How To Clean Out Your Crawl Space

Around 15% of homes have crawl spaces. They are a normal addition to most homes and need to be taken care of like any other part of your home. Crawl spaces were originally designed to create a buffer zone between the house and people living there and the wet earth below the house. However, over time it has been discovered that crawl spaces actually collect moisture and damp air which can cause issues for the house and its occupants if not addressed properly. Pest control, mold, and mildew can all accumulate in your crawl space. This means that regularly cleaning your crawl space is a necessary part of your home maintenance. Here’s how to clean out your crawl space.

Pest Control

Over time, it’s common for small animals to make a home in your crawl space. The moist protected environment makes a great home for small pets such as raccoons, opossums, and rats. 

Depending on the animal and your comfort level, you can try handling the pests by yourself utilizing traps and bait. However, wild animals can often carry diseases and could be potentially dangerous. Therefore it may be best to contact a professional exterminator and have them deal with the issue. When it comes to your personal safety it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

You can work to prevent pests from entering your crawl space by securing any entrances. Small animals like mice and opossums will look for openings in the door or walls of your crawl space. A good way to keep animals out is to have a contractor seal your openings and inspect your crawl space for weak areas. A general contractor can use calk, foam insulation, or wood to close off all holes, no matter how small. This will help keep annoying pests out of your crawl space.

Removing Standing Water

If you have an issue with your vapor barrier, or you live in an area with a particularly heavy rainy season, it’s not uncommon to find standing water in your crawl space. Unfortunately, this can lead to problems such as a weakened foundation, and higher energy bills as the water makes it more difficult to regulate your home’s temperature.

Adding a dehumidifier and sump pump to your crawl space is a great way to prevent standing water. Consider reaching out to a qualified professional for advice on how to proceed with this course of action. Depending on the size of your home and its layout, you may need to go about dealing with water issues differently. It’s always best to consult a professional when dealing with home issues. 

Insect Removal

Insects can cause major problems in your home. As bugs make their nest in your crawl space, they will inevitably find a way to enter your home, making your living conditions increasingly uncomfortable.

Ants, termites, hornets, and other insects can all colonize your crawl space. If this has happened to you, you can clean out your crawl space by implementing strategies such as:

  • Flypaper
  • Bug sprays
  • Ant traps
  • Etc

Depending on the severity of your problem, you may need to have your house and crawl space fumigated or use a bug bomb to help eliminate insects.

As always, if you need help or have questions about cleaning your crawl space, consult a professional for help. There are trained individuals who can help make sure that your crawl space is clean and doing what it’s supposed to do. Reach out today for their help.

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